Option to Bargain Price! How it can positively affect your WooCommerce store

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the pandemic situation has affected the e-commerce market very positively. Millions of people are coming to buy stuff online every day, and that number is increasing with every passing minute.  Millions of people launched their eCommerce stores to make money by meeting the rising demand for products. Some […]

How You Can Get More Sales by Offering Bargaining

The goal of any and every seller is to have increased sales. Different strategies have been used and followed by the traditional sellers in the market to increase their sales rates and reach to the higher ends of the charts of sales. Bargaining has been one of the most efficient and tried methods through which […]

Plugin to lift your sales online by 80%

Like in any business, the building blocks play the most essential role in the elevation of the business. Plugins play that role for e-commerce businesses. There are always thousands of plugins that help you in building your WordPress site: to increase your audience or to elevate your sales. VBargain is a plugin designed to attract […]